For me, they are not just photos, but an opportunity to create images that go beyond one of the most important moments of your life. So that, without worrying about the perfect pose, as the years go by, you have a real memory of how it truly felt on your wedding day.

I create natural images and work with real people who have a story to tell. I won't make you act or put you in a role that doesn't represent you. Instead, I will bear witness to what happens in an honest way and accompany you from start to finish.



The kind of honest images that you need to have from a wedding. The groom's face when he first sees the bride, the grandparents, the reactions of the best friends...

In addition, prior to the wedding, we will agree on the essential images, as well as schedules and important moments so that we don't miss a single detail.

Key moments


Details and surroundings

After the wedding, in the end what will remain for us to remember all that effort and time invested in the small big details are the images.

That's why I give so much importance to portraying with the care they deserve those details of the dress, the shoes, the decoration, and the chosen location.

Many of you ask me if all the images you receive will be edited and the answer is YES. I edit each image you receive with the tones you see on this page and maintain a consistent and timeless color and editing style in each project.

As for the use of Photoshop, I don't retouch in an exaggerated way or add things that didn't exist before the photo. That is, I won't give you Beyonce's butt with Photoshop, but I might remove a pimple if you had one and perhaps eliminate small distractions in the photos.

Editing and retouching

Grandparents, nieces and nephews, parents, best friends, pets...

They are also the great protagonists of the wedding and this celebration is also for them. Therefore, we will take group photos and individual portraits of those special guests.

Closest people

Sometimes it's those imperfect photos that bring us closer to how it felt. Images that convey movement and approach feelings in a not-so-literal way.

Among the well-exposed and "correct" images that you will receive in your gallery, you will also find some more artistic ones such as double exposures, color play, and movement.

Photos with soul



I started working in the world of wedding photography in 2016 and since then I haven't stopped. I fell in love with capturing one of the most incredible days of people's lives, and little by little, I developed my personal style in this world full of stories to tell.

If I have lost count of all the weddings I have photographed, one thing is for sure: each one is unique and has given me the opportunity to capture wonderful images. If you have reached this page it is because something in my work has caught your attention, so THANK YOU and welcome!


All of my clients will receive an exclusive guide of over 100 pages with all the tips I have gathered throughout years of experience as a wedding photographer in Spain and Mexico.

Translation: It is a detailed and useful guide, so that you can plan every detail of your wedding and get the most out of your photos.


Whether it's the first time you're hiring a photographer or not, it's essential that you get an idea of what you can expect to ensure that my work fits your needs.

Here you will find answers to the most frequent questions that I am usually asked: such as what you can expect from my work, prices, coverage hours, and types of sessions.


Make it simple

- Getting ready de la novia.

- 10 hours coverture.

- Main photographer (Helena) + a second shooter.

- Entrega de unas 1400 imágenes todas ellas editadas y retocadas.

- Delivery of a preview within 3 days after the wedding.

- Online delivery within 2 months after the wedding.

- Delivery in a linen box with a selection of 100 printed images.

- Pre-wedding support and access to client guides.

The big day

- Getting ready de ambos.

- 12 horas de cobertura.

- Main photographer (Helena) + a second shooter.

- Entrega de unas 1600 imágenes todas ellas editadas y retocadas.

- Delivery of a preview within 3 days after the wedding.

- Online delivery within 2 months after the wedding.

- Delivery in a linen box with a selection of 100 printed images.

- Pre-wedding support and access to client guides.





Trash the dress


Save the date

The best opportunity to take incredible photographs in special places for you, without being so aware of the schedules of the wedding day.

They last about 2 hours, during which you will put on the dress and suit that you chose with so much love.

To lose the fear of the camera, to get to know each other, to be comfortable on the wedding day, and to have the memory of that moment you are going through.

I recommend it from the bottom of my heart, especially for those who are not so used to cameras!

I will accompany you with cameras in hand during your civil wedding day.

This package includes two consecutive hours of portrait session, family photos, ceremony, and you will receive around 200 high-quality edited images.

6000 $

9000 $

6000 $


Extra hours

Para esos novios que tanta ilusión les hace la fiesta, cuento con la posibilidad de contratar horas extra:

5000 $/ hora extra


Entrega express

Para los que quieren recibir sus imágenes lo más pronto posible, entrega de todas las imágenes en 15 días laborables.

8000 $