At that moment, the closest family and friends come together, where nerves and emotions run high, creating that magical cocktail of weddings. On this page, I have put together a small selection of the type of images I capture during the preparations, from images of the surroundings to transport us to that day, to details and reactions of friends and family.

There is no ceremony that is the same as another, and that's because if there's one thing they all have in common, it's the emotion on display, the smiles, the tears of joy, and the hugs, especially lots of hugs. Here, I invite you to take a tour of some of the ceremonies that I have had the good fortune of photographing, so you can relive with me all these stories of people who love each other very much.

The photo session is about creating natural situations to take pictures of who you really are, not putting you in positions that don't represent you.

Además, es probablemente el momento en el que más solos vais a estar en toda la boda. Podréis hablar tranquilos y de paso, capturaremos imágenes de estos minutos tan


Weddings have something that makes people happy. It's a celebration, not only of the couple, but also of all the people who accompany them. And this is where those important people who make the big day what it is, become more prominent.

The night approaches, drinks are served, the dance floor opens with a waltz that will bring tears to many, and THE PARTY begins!

And now, this is the favorite moment of many couples, I can attest to that!

Sometimes it's in those imperfect photographs where we can get even closer to how it felt. Images that convey movement and approach feelings in a not so literal way.