While the availability of dates may vary throughout the year, generally these are the dates when I will be in my two homes:





De enero a Mayo de 2024 y de Septiembre a Diciembre de 2024

June 2024

July 2024

agosto 2024

Your most frequently asked questions

"Time, types of delivery, and number of photos."


-All my pricing packages include two deliveries. One physical (linen box with 100 postcard-sized images and a USB drive) and a private online delivery that you can easily share with family and friends.

-I deliver all the photos that I consider good, around 700 if I have gone alone and 900 if I have gone with another photographer. However, these numbers are just a guideline.

-A couple of days after the wedding, you will receive a summary selection with some of the best photos of your big day. Regarding the final delivery, you will receive it two months after the wedding.

Where are you based


I travel wherever there is a couple who connects with my photography. However, for a certain mileage (outside the metropolitan area of Guadalajara for Mexican weddings and outside the La Rioja area for Spanish weddings), we will need to take into account possible expenses for travel and accommodation.

Where do you work


My usual residence is in Guadalajara, Mexico, where I live with my partner and my cats 🐱 But every summer, I fly to Spain to photograph weddings there and spend time with my people (I am from Logroño, La Rioja).

If you want more information about specific dates, please send me an email! mándame un email!

How do we book you as our photographer


First of all, let's meet ! After that, I requiere 40 % for booking fee and a signed contract. Then, you're all booked in and I’ll have your booking gift in the mail on its way to you!


You edit all the photos and use Photoshop

- I edit each and every one of the photos you receive with the color and editing style that you see on this page.

- As for the use of Photoshop, I try to keep things as natural as possible. Therefore, I won't remove or add anything that wasn't there in the first place, but rather focus on making you recognize yourselves while looking your best.

- However, I will remove elements that may distract in the images, such as blemishes and other possible visual distractions.


Will you pose us

Not exactly. Rather than posing, I will give you ideas to move around, excuses to make you laugh, and small actions to bring out your naturalness and personality in the photos. However, I also read each couple. Some love to pose and seek the perfect pose, while others just want to "survive" the photo session. Either way, each couple is different and I have worked with many, so don't worry!

De todas formas voy leyendo a cada pareja. A algunas les encanta posar y buscan la pose perfecta, y otras solo quieren "sobrevivir" a la sesión de fotos.

Anyway, each couple is unique and I have already met quite a few, so don't worry!

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